we’re working from home for two months now — and most of the conversations on this topic at my employer are still misguided or just a feeble attempt to reframe how little leadership is actually doing to help colleagues. or at least to admit that this is a challenge. if it’s up to me, they’re in for a surprise if they think this situation will solve itself. or that government orders and individual efforts/sacrifices will be sufficient. there is a part the company has to play and I made it my mission recently to get that message out there. oh the joy of finding a purpose!

today I watched the first episode of “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace” and found it enlightening — I already felt like technology has betrayed us (i.e. the current paradigm of computing and the internet has never fulfilled its original goals or potential and based on current trajectory it never will). now I feel like I’m a step closer to understanding how and why it has failed us

too much gentrification, too few gentry