sitting on the couch, slowly dozing off while listening to my favourite late night Spotify playlist, “lava lamp”, and trying to convert thoughts and feelings into comprehensible sentences (and making a sustained effort not to go down rabbit holes instead of writing)

first of all, shout out to the homie Drake who also has to work from home during these trying times — he starts another viral dance and becomes one of the biggest inspirations for young Westerners to wear a mask, while I can claim that I watched the video when it had only 2.4m views. and it finally made me register on TikTok. we both do our best I suppose

I don’t actually know whether wearing a mask makes any difference. or if it’s like building a fence to protect your house from ants as a friend said. but if it could give people a sense of safety and security, we could end self-isolation sooner. I’m happy to play my part in that

Friday morning was just as hectic as all mornings this week. I hereby commit to being up at 7:00 from next Monday — no more excuses. anyhow, I made reasonable progress with work topics over the course of the day. and what’s even more important, I’m starting to have a better idea about how I can take up and can handle conflicts with my boss. I already made the first steps over the week and will stay on this path. I’ll also start reflecting some of his own bullshit back on him, like using the coronavirus as an excuse to anything and everything

with all the ups and downs, the confusion and frustration, my third full week working from home was good overall. I genuinely feel that we earned the weekend. now I cannot wait to fall asleep so that when we wake up in the morning, we can look at pictures of Saturday brunches from back in the days

too much gentrification, too few gentry